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About Me


      For those of you who have just found me, welcome.  Most of you know me as Mistress Italia, or Lux. You are free to address me by either. There is a lot to tell about why I am here to share in all of your fantasies today. I started off in my late teens with an interest in BDSM. The dynamic of exchanging power for pleasure and discipline enticed me into this naughty little world. I started off as a submissive and served in professional dungeons as a demonstrator and educator. I also served personally as a 24/7 submissive for a long part of my late teens and early 20's. The time came when I was ready to experiment further and I decided that exploring my dominant side would be the next step. With some of my connections through my personal life, I sought out some of the best teachers that were available.

     I began studying under some of the premier Doms and Dommes across the country, from places including Chicago, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. I worked as a professional Domme, educator, and dungeon owner for nearly 2 decades. My journey has been long and rewarding. I have found that I love to connect on a cerebral level. Delving into the deepest of fantasies and exploring the forbidden nooks and crannies of another person's desires is what ignites an insatiable fire deep inside me. As time has worn on I have decided to offer all types of cam shows and content, as I enjoy various types of fantasies. So Dominant, submissive, fetish, and vanilla are all welcome in my little den of inequity. I enjoy a variety of play, so long as it is safe, sane, and consensual.

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