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Below are the Skype sessions that I offer. Here are some vital things to know!

  1. You are not charged at the time of booking. Payment is taken via several different venues including Erotifix, Niteflirt, and CMD.  If you would like to utilize another payment method please email me in advance.

  2. You must include an email or phone number so that I may confirm your session and provide my Skype name.  

  3. Please note that Bottomless Nudity, Messy Play, Oil, and Toys are add-ons to Skype Sessions.

  4. Submissive shows are priced differently, so make sure you book the correct type of session.

  5. For Niteflirt calls, you only need to book the start time of the call. (The 15-minute block you book is when I will be expecting your call.)

  6. NO underage, animal, or illicit play.

  7. NO unauthorized recording or screenshots.  If this occurs I will immediately stop the session and you forfeit your payment. 

  8. Please make sure you share as many details of what you like as possible without writing a novel.  Just point me in the right direction and we will enjoy the journey together.

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